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North East Naturopathic Group

Where your body, mind and soul comes to heal


Don't let pain rule your life.  With an extensive range of healthy solutions, we help you take back control and regain the life you deserve

How Can We Help You Today?

Aching Joints, Body Pain & Ailments

Whether you deal with long term pain or if you've recently injured yourself, there are are a number of chemical-free solutions for you. Kick pain to the kerb and embrace life pain-free

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Stress, Tension, Anxiety & Depression

You never need to feel that you're fighting this battle alone.  Say hello to stress relief, a healthy life and positive thinking to get your life back and stay in control

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Weight loss, Immune Deficiency & Allergies 

Building a strong immune system, weight loss and general health and wellbeing starts with the type of food we put in our mouths. Take back control for  better health and wellbeing 

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Women's Health & Wellbeing

Be supported and encouraged with purpose-designed solutions to help you navigate optimal health and wellbeing and be prepared for every stage of your life  

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Men's Health & Awareness

Whether you are struggling with mental health or physical fitness, identify, support and improve your health and wellbeing to become the best you possible could be 

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Children's Health & Happiness

Provide the best defence possible against illnesses, disease and health issues and help your kids re-set their mindset, body and immune system

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Providing healthy life solutions since 2001

Complementary Health Clinic available in 2 venues, Warangatta and Melbourne

2018 International Iridologist of the Year

Past President of International Iridologist Practitioners Association

Board Member of International Iridologist Practitioners Association since 2012

International Bowen Therapy Instructor (accredited by Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia)

International Speaker

Proud dad of 5 beautiful and incredible talented children

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What Our Clients Say About Us

My family have moved from reactive conventional treatment of illnesses to the sole use of homeopathic remedies. We are the healthiest we've ever been and reduced the time taken to recover from viruses and illnesses.
Heather  Naturopathic Client
Christos is my family's naturopath.   His ability to understand and investigate the cause is outstanding and his bag of 'tricks' seems endless.  I would highly recommend Christos to those seeking a holistic approach to health.
Bek Nauropathic Client
I was constantly sick with low immunity and suffering from hay fever for years. The allergy test showed what was causing my symptoms and the remedies Christos provided were so easy to consume. My overall health has improved. Thanks Christos.
Emi Goda  Naturopathic Client

Our experience with Christos has been exceptional. Our 14 mth old son had major eczema and allergy issues.  Christos’s knowledge and expertise helped guide us and he is now an energetic and eczema free boy. We recommend him to everyone.

Anonymous Naturopathic Client

Our Professional Relationships

At North East Naturopathic Group we are fortunate to have established a number of strategic partnerships and relationships and thankful their ongoing support of our practice.