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Step into the fascinating world of Iridology and unlock the hidden secrets held within the depths of the human eye. In 'People with Eyes Like These,' renowned Iridologist Christos Miliankos unveils the extraordinary connections between the intricate patterns of the iris and our overall health and well-being. 


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Books that are published by renowned Iridologist Christos Miliankos

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My family have moved from reactive conventional treatment of illnesses to the sole use of homeopathic remedies. We are the healthiest we've ever been and reduced the time taken to recover from viruses and illnesses.
Heather  Naturopathic Client
Christos is my family's naturopath.   His ability to understand and investigate the cause is outstanding and his bag of 'tricks' seems endless.  I would highly recommend Christos to those seeking a holistic approach to health.
Bek Nauropathic Client
I was constantly sick with low immunity and suffering from hay fever for years. The allergy test showed what was causing my symptoms and the remedies Christos provided were so easy to consume. My overall health has improved. Thanks Christos.
Emi Goda  Naturopathic Client

Our experience with Christos has been exceptional. Our 14 mth old son had major eczema and allergy issues.  Christos’s knowledge and expertise helped guide us and he is now an energetic and eczema free boy. We recommend him to everyone.

Anonymous Naturopathic Client

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