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Ultra-Lite - Weight Management  

Lose fat, look great and feel healthier with Ultra-Lite.

The Ultra-Lite Weight Management Program is an incredibly effective fat loss program. It can help you to lose up to 2 kg of fat per week whilst preserving your muscle mass.  

Balancing protein and modified carbohydrate eating, the Ultra-Lite program is centred around 3 meals a day, making the correct food choices and portion sizes that will ensure your body will burn fat.

The program is supported by 4 sachet supplements (these are not not meal replacements), combining vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids.  Available in 7 different flavours, these can be taken in-between meals as a snack and will assist in stabilising blood sugar levels, reducing those nasty cravings.

Scientifically proven as a weight loss program, Ultra-Lite works on the principle of ketosis - shifting the body’s metabolism away from “fat storage” towards “fat burning” by restricting dietary carbohydrates.  When fat is utilised for energy production, ketosis is mildly induced which is usually reflected in increased energy, better appetite control and efficient fat loss.

Ultra-Lite Weight Loss Programs

You will receive in your UltraLite Program: 

  • Initial consultation with VLA Bio-impedance analysis
  • Follow up consultations including the VLA Bio-impedance analysis
  • UltraLite manual and access to recipes
  • 4 Sachet supplements per day 
  • Potassium supplement designed as Habit Relief drops
  • Kerostix to measure fat burning
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Regular 'check-ins' to discuss concerns or challenges

3, 5 or 10 Week Option
Kick start your weight loss with the option of a 3, 5 or 10 week program to fit in with your lifestyle

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Virtual UltraLite
Be supported in your weight loss goals irrespective of where you live or how busy your life currently is

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If you are seeking a non-invasive, gentle yet powerful health and wellbeing solution for weight loss, Ultra-Lite can support you.  

Scientifically proven and designed to work in with your work/life balance, now is the time to take back control and live the life you are designed to have. 

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