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Body Wisdom

Welcome to Body Wisdom Class!

This workshop will equip Natural therapists with a range of additional assessment tools to support them in their practice as well as to know when to refer on.

Body Wisdom Inside Out - Reading and responding to body signs. Integrating broader signs, symptoms and indications in determining optimal treatment protocols and need for referral.

Practitioners will learn to confidently recognise various signs that the body gives (such as the eye, the facial structure, nails and tongue) in assessing, refining and setting protocols for their Natural therapy treatments and referring clients when necessary.

Through observation and assessment of body signs, practitioners will be able to target the area of concern and achieve a higher success rate for their prescribed treatments.

For many years when conducting revision classes, my students would ask me about my knowledge of body assessments which led to the birth of this workshop.

The Class will feature the following:

This workshop will help each Natural Health Care Practitioner achieve a better understanding of how their therapies can achieve lasting change for many ailments of the body.

Participants will receive a comprehensive e-workbook with charts and resources as well as a digital copy of a high-res Iridology chart. There will also be a recording and participants will have access to this for 3 months after the workshop.

Price: A$297

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