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Bowen Inside - Out

Welcome to our Bowen Therapy Workshop

Learn how to use this holistic therapy to help yourself and others feel their best.

Our classes are designed to teach you the skills and techniques needed to provide effective Bowen therapy treatments. You'll learn how to identify key trigger points on the body, how to perform the Bowen moves, and how to create personalized treatment plans for your clients.

The instructor, Christos Miliankos has years of experience in the field, and is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others. He will guide you through each step of the process, answering your questions and providing support as you develop your skills.

Practitioners will learn to confidently recognise various signs that the body gives (such as the eye, the facial structure, nails and tongue) in assessing, refining and setting protocol for Bowen and referring clients when necessary.

Through observation and assessment of body signs, practitioners will be able to target the area of concern and achieve a higher success rate with their Bowen Treatment.

For many years when conducting revision classes, my students would ask me about my knowledge of body assessments which led to the birth of this workshop.

The Class will feature the following:

  • Introduction
  • Tongue and Face assessment
  • Iris Pupillary margin - did you know that the pupil border is a reflex representation of the spine - so any flattening seen at the pupil border will guide us to which part of the spine is affected most.
  • Iris colour and important sclera signs
  • Body posture
  • Assessment of hands and nails
  • Review the Anatomy & functions of the GIT, Renal system & Respiratory System
  • Review of the Anatomy of the Cardio-Vascular and Hormonal (Endocrine) system
  • The flag system for referral to necessary medical practitioners.
  • Review of many Bowen procedures to assist body systems
  • Assessments in pairs throughout the class
  • Re-assessment of certain markers after Bowen Treatment.

This workshop will help each Bowen Therapist achieve a better understanding of how the BOWEN Technique can achieve lasting change for many ailments of the body.

Participants will receive a comprehensive e-workbook with charts and resources as well as a digital copy of a high-res Iridology chart. There will also be a recording and participants will have access to this for 3 months after the workshop.

Prerequisite- Bowen Therapy Certificate

“This workshop is not part of the nationally-recognised training however it is Bowtech-accredited and eligible for CEU points with Bowen Association Australia.”

Level 1

Responding to body wisdom. Integrating broader signs, symptoms and indications in determining Bowen Therapy procedures and need for referral.

(Next Class: August 19,2023)


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Level 2

Confidently recognise extra signs that the body gives in assessing, refining and setting protocol for Bowen treatments and referring clients when necessary

(Next Class: September 2, 2023)

Price: A$297

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Christos Miliankos
 is an Integrated Iridologist, Homeopath & Naturopath from NE Victoria in Australia, where he has been running his clinic since 2001. Christos is the past President of IIPA (Int’l Iridology Practitioners Assoc) and was awarded Iridologist of the Year for 2018. He is passionate about using Iridology to empower his clients to achieve optimal health and overcome ailments. Inspiring them to be the best they can be.

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